Update for 2010

January 18th, 2011

It’s not that exciting blogging about counting coins but… I’m up to 1995 today. That’s $399.00. I kind wish I I posted this in a few days when I was bound to have 2000, much more exciting if it even can be put into those words.

Slowly does it.

October 12th, 2009

They keep sliding in slowly.
59 piles of 20 coins = 1180 coins…
Plus the unusual ones, 52 equals 1232 coins and $246.20!

Broke the 1000 mark!

May 3rd, 2009

Yeah, After a month of me, my friend and my wife collecting we have brokeen 1000 20 cent coins, 1033 to be exact. Yeah! And better yet a new one too…..

norfolk island 20 cent australian coin
A Norfolk Island Federation coin amongst the lot!

Ok, so I haven’t got a record number of coins, up to 867 now but this week I did get one I haven’t had before. There are quite a few different coins (all the different Australian 20 cent coins) and I don’t have every one yet but today I got an ACT Centenary of Federation coin:

act 20 cent coin centry of federation

So I had a couple of extra sources this week
-My friend had another 87 coins at work
-And started feeding me some more at the pub
-And my wife started keeping a few for me now.
-And of course, I still manage to pick up a few. And event more that normal when I do work travel, which is a lot these days.

Now I just need a few more sources…. Perhaps I should try a donate button again?

When you’ve got a long task ahead it’s nice to break it up into smaller tasks. So I’ve started up a little page of random goals. As tall as a human? tree? Have you got any other suggestions? Wonders of the world? Buildings?

So if you have any pictures and heights/weights of random things send them on and we’ll add it to our list.

Cash Bonanza!

March 14th, 2009

So my friend was a little more excited about my 20 cents than I expected and turned up last night with 166 20 cent coins in a bag. So that brings my total to 839!

So believe it or not, I’m not alway proud of my nerdy endeavors. Say like collecting 20 cent coins and creating a website on it. It’s kinda nerdy (yes believe it or not) so I don’t always tell all my friends. But with a bit of social lubricant, a few beers, 2 G&T’s and some wine, I came out of the closet/vault/word press and told a friend. So that picked up an extra 5 20 cent coins out of his pocket. And, like most males Australian males, he has a collection of change and has volunteered the 20 cent coins over to the cause! So I may have jump in my collection very soon!

Latest Tally: 652 Coins

February 24th, 2009

Ok, so I lost count again. And that means I have to sit down and count it again. It’s a long task but and kind of annoying but at the same time kinda satistfying. So I’m at: 652 coins now!

After the End

February 24th, 2009

What do do with all the coins/money when I reach the end.? Well I could keep them all but considering I’m asking people to help me out with my collection that would be a bit cheeky, so obvious answer they are going to


Not comes the next conundrum which one? After a bit of though I steered clear of a few of my personal favourites to one which is in my top 5 that no one can argue with (I hope),

Child Sponsership

So that’s my plan, to sponser as many children as I can through Oxfam, not for a month or so but their whole lifetime so $43 a month for 18 years so thats $9288 a child to change the life of a child, family and comunity completely (yep that’s a bit of dosh so I’ll persoanlly round up to the nearest child).

And when I work out what then end goal is then I should now how many I can sponser!